AESS Historical Interview: David Dobson

03 Feb 2015
Dave Dobson
As members of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS), we read books and articles and attend presentations by legendary contributors to our field. However, only a few of us get to know those contributors personally. In order to give our members insight into the person behind those great contributions, the IEEE AESS is introducing AESS Historical Interviews. While these interviews will document historical events, the interviews are also intended to give readers (or viewers of the video) insights into the events and critical decisions that shaped their research and technical accomplishments. In order to better meet these objectives, the interviews will be conducted by AESS members rather than historians. Thus, you as a member of AESS may in the future conduct a historical interview or see a specific question that you would have like to ask the contributor. The first AESS Historical Interview was conducted with David Dobson who was the administrative editor for the AESS publications for over 40 years. Over those 40 years, many members of AESS have corresponded with Dave on articles for either the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (T-AES) or the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine (AES-M), read editorials by Dave, or noticed his name listed as the Administrative Editor. Dave recently retired from his roles in AESS publications and this historical interview was conducted to give AESS members insight into the person behind those communications and editorials.
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